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How To Paint Ceramic Tile
Posted on: Mar.15.2012
Ceramic tiles are the most popular tile on the market today. They are very durable and available in many colors, sizes, shapes, and qualities; making it a perfect tile for you to use in your home regardless of your interior decorating style.
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Mexican Tile Mirrors: Best Prices, Selection and Information
Posted on: Mar.15.2012
Gaining popularity in today’s homes are Mexican tile mirrors. They come in a wide range of styles, colors, and types of Mexican tile. You can find these stylish mirrors decorated and designed with different colored Talavera, tin, copper, ceramic, and hand painted tile.
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Black Quarry Tiles: Prices, Uses, and Advantages
Posted on: Mar.01.2012
Quarry tile is used in many homes and commercial applications around the world. Due to their durability, solid color throughout, and inexpensive cost they are an ideal tile used indoors and outdoors.
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Granite Transformations: Benefits, Cost, Types, and Information
Posted on: Feb.27.2012
Granite Transformations is a company that offers you new solutions to your countertop, floor, and backsplash. They have gained popularity due to the fact it can be installed directly over your old counter or materials, eliminating the demolition cost and time in remodeling.
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Mosaic Porcelain Tile: Prices and Types
Posted on: Feb.23.2012
Porcelain tile is a very popular tile used in homes because of its hard and durable characteristics. As you begin to look for porcelain tile you will notice there is a big variety available and each one has its own purpose and style.
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Mexican Patio Tile: Prices, Types, Ideas
Posted on: Feb.22.2012
Mexican tile is known for its durability, but also for its beautiful nature and ability to incorporate Mexican culture into your patio. You will find Mexican pavers and tile used in a combination of other tiles and different types of Mexican tiles to create a stunning outdoor patio.
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Tumbled Marble: Prices, Benefits, and Information
Posted on: Feb.24.2012
Tumbled marble is a type of tile that is tumbled to give a soft, richer, warmer, and aged look. Marble is known for its glossy, elegant and refined style, but tumbling marble offers you an aged, antique, weathered and warm style.
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How To Lay Slate Tile
Posted on: Feb.14.2012
Slate tile is a natural stone tile that has been gaining popularity due to its durable nature and rustic appearance. Its slip resistant texture and ability to hold up against high foot traffic areas makes it a perfect material for flooring.
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Island Stone Tile: Prices and Information
Posted on: Feb.13.2012
Island Stone tile is widely used in residential and commercial buildings throughout the world. Many people get confused by the name Island Stone Tile because they believe that is the type of tile, but it is the name of a manufacturer.
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Mexican Tile Roof: Prices, Types, Benefits
Posted on: Feb.10.2012
Mexican tile roofs are among the most popular types of roofs on homes and commercial buildings today. Mexican roofing tile is made from the finest clay which is baked or kiln-fired and formed into roofing tile.
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Ceramic Wood Tiles: Prices, Information and Benefits
Posted on: Feb.09.2012
Ceramic wood tiles are ceramic tiles designed to look like wood flooring. They are offered in several types of designs, each giving the appearance of a different wood grain.
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How To Install Quarry Tile
Posted on: Feb.07.2012
Quarry tile is composed of natural clays and shales baked at really high temperatures. The minerals and baking process create a very dense and durable tile that is commonly used for flooring.
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Cost of Granite Countertops
Posted on: Feb.06.2012
Granite has become the ideal countertop material used in residential installations. It offers you a durable surface, unique beauty, and a long lasting solution as a countertop material. As you begin to look around for granite you will notice there are different price ranges of granite and there are a few factors that directly affect the price.
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4 Benefits of Porcelain Tile Bathrooms
Posted on: Feb.03.2012
Porcelain tile is a tile that has been growing in popularity and can be installed in several areas of your home and even in commercial use. Porcelain tile is actually considered a ceramic tile but manufactured with a more refined material that gives it a very durable and dense characteristic.
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Outside Tile For Patios: Prices, Deals, and Information
Posted on: Feb.01.2012
When you begin designing your patio and outdoor living space you have a lot to consider, plan, and buy. It all begins with the flooring of your patio; once you have the flooring installed you can then focus on the other aspects of the patio like the patio cover, awning, fireplace or fire pit, the BBQ, ponds, waterfall, fountains, furniture, and more.
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