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Outdoor Patio Tile: Types, Benefits, How To Choose
Posted on: Dec.08.2011

A patio is a place to relax, entertain and have fun with your family and friends. Creating a patio that looks good isn’t as hard as you may think. Utilizing outdoor patio tile can help you create a durable and good looking patio and/or deck. Patio tile is perfect to use outdoors because it can withstand harsh environments. Depending on your climate certain types of outdoor patio tile may be more appropriate to use, but one thing is certain, patio tile flooring is the foundation to an amazing outdoor patio.

Types Of Outdoor Patio Tile

Outdoor Patio Tile

There are several types of outdoor patio tiles and certain types may be more suitable for the area you live. In general, it is very durable but if you live in extreme weather areas you may want to consult with your local tile store on the best option for your patio.

Porcelain Outdoor Patio Tiles

Porcelain tiles are very popular as an outdoor flooring choice because they are non-slip, waterproof, dense, and hard tiles.  A sealant should be added to give them further protection. Overall, they are a good looking durable tile.

Slate Outdoor Patio Tiles

Slate is a unique outdoor flooring option because they are installed on an interlocking system. This interlocking system makes for a very easy installation and brings you a simple, yet classy natural stone style.

Outdoor Wood Patio Tiles

Wood patio tiles are quickly gaining popularity because of their amazing style and easiness to install. They are also referred to as deck tiles and can be installed on both deck and patios. They are made in several different types ranging from bamboo, eucalyptus, and acacia.

Granite Patio Tiles

Granite is often found in the kitchen but due to its amazing beauty and durability it also used as an outdoor patio tile. Just like the slate tiles, installation is easy because it locks into an interlocking system.

Outdoor Ceramic Patio Tiles

Ceramic tiles are the most popular and widely used tiles in the home. They are rated on a PEI system. This establishes a durability level of the tile. For patios you should use a ceramic tile with a PEI rating of 3 or higher.

Terra Cotta Patio Tiles

Terra Cotta tiles are Mexican tiles that are used as flooring outdoors as well as indoors. They are often an earthly red, brown, or orange color and pressent a Mexican adobe style to your outdoor living area. Terra Cotta patio tiles often come unglazed but should be sealed to give them further protection from daily use and weather. Quarry patio tiles are very similar and are another option if you like this style of patio tile.

Check out our link for more information on the types of patio tile.

Advantages and Benefits of Outdoor Patio Tile

When you begin to build your patio you have several options for flooring. You can build a deck, use gravel, tile, or any other material you wish. What are the benefits patio tile have over the other options?

Easy Installation

Most (not all) of the patio tiles are installed by using an interlocking system. Installation is as easy as pushing the tile down on the plastic interlocking system. If you do not choose this route you will have to install your tile traditional methods of mortar, quickset and grout.

Mold and Mildew Resistant

Wood and other options are subject to mold and mildew especially if you live in humid areas or your floor experiences a lot of moisture. Patio tile is resistant against mold and mildew, especially if you use a sealant.

Very Durable

Since they will be used outdoors patio tiles are extremely durable and can withstand harsh weather environments. Adding a sealant will give them further protection.

How To Choose Your Outdoor Patio Tile

Choosing your patio tile can be a tough process because there are so many options. There are three things that can help narrow down the perfect tile for you.

- Will your tile be experiencing a lot of water or moisture?

If you answered yes, you should consider a non-slip tile like slate or wood tiles. Tile can become slippery when wet and having a non-slip tile can keep you safe.

- Do you live in a cold environment?

If you live in a cold area you want a tile with a very low water absorption rate. If your tile absorbs moisture and freezes in the cold weather it will freeze and could crack. By using a low absorption tile, like porcelain, you reduce the chance of your tile freezing.

- How durable does your tile need to be?

If you live in harsh weather climates, will be using heavy patio furniture, or will you be using your patio often you will want a very durable tile. Granite is a very durable tile that can withstand a lot of use. If you don’t plan on using your patio very much ceramic tile may be a better choice.

There is a lot to consider when choosing your outdoor patio tile. It can become overwhelming but you can always consult with your local tile store to figure out the best tile for your patio. No matter what tile you choose you should always remember to seal your outdoor tile once a year to give it further protection and keep it looking new for years.