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Types of Black Granite: Benefits and Characteristics
Posted on: Oct.19.2011

Granite comes in many different colors but none as distinct as black. Black granite can use used to create a bold design within your kitchen or bathroom. It is available in granite tiles as well as slabs. It can actually be used for granite flooring as well as countertops in the kitchen or bathroom. Black granite is actually available in a few different shades and pigments, all giving you certain style and deigns benefits and differences.

Black Galaxy Granite

This selection of black granite is amongst the most popular and it looks just as you would imagine, a dark night filled with stars. The black in this granite is a very dark shade of black with white, gold and pale crystals and minerals sparkled throughout, giving a beautiful starry night look. Black Galaxy Granite will sparkle and twinkle with every angle you view it. You will obtain the brightest shine and sparkle from this granite when it is polished.

Black Galaxy Granite is quarried in India and is a fine to medium grained stone. Depending on the size of gold colors in the granite it will be classified into three groups.  The gold colors in the granite are actually from a mineral called Bronzite. This type of granite is very similar to China Black Galaxy is also called Galaxi Black, Galaxy Gold, Nero Star Galaxi, Black and Gold, among other names. It can be used for kitchen countertops, flooring, wall table tops, and wall cladding.

Belfast Black Granite

This type of black granite is quarried in South Africa and is a very dense, fine grained natural stone. Belfast Black granite is a very dark granite with little to no other colors present. Belfast is a city in South Africa and is known to have the purest black colored granite. It is a limited black granite making it expensive and is widely used in monuments through South Africa.

The lower quality Belfast Black Granite is used as paving and flooring whereas, the higher quality granite is used as monuments and luxury furnishings.  It is also called Absolute Black Granite, SSY Granite, Negro Belfast, and Nero Assoluto Dunkel, among other names.

Absolute Black Zimbabwe Granite

This black granite is a lighter shade of black granite because it has gray flakes distributed throughout its black background. The gray flakes give it a lighter shade of black. It is a fine grained stone that is quarried in Zimbabwe.

It is mainly used in construction and remodeling as countertops, flooring, walls cladding in bathrooms, kitchens and as well as outdoors. It is also referred to as Nero Assoluto Zimbabwe. 


Impala Black Granite

Impala Black Granite is another lighter toned black granite and comes in three shades: Impala Light, Impala Medium, and Impala Dark. It is quarried in South Africa and is a beautiful black granite composed of varies shades of gray.

This granite is used in construction and remodeling for flooring, table tops, countertops, wall cladding, as well as, monuments and varies ornamental use.


Cambrian Black Granite

This black granite is unique because of its black and white pattern. It has a dark black background with a sand or grain like pattern throughout its surface. It is quarried in Canada and is widely used in Canada as well as USA.

Cambrian granite is used indoors and outdoors in a variety of ways. It can be used in the normal construction methods of flooring, granite countertops, wall cladding, around fireplaces, and table tops, but it is also used in buildings, monuments, and other decorative methods.  You will find it also called Cold Creek Black and Royal Black.

Black Pearl Granite

Black pearl granite looks very similar to Cambrian Black Granite in the pattern and colors. It has silver specks and gold veins throughout and is quarried in India. You can find speckles of green, gold, brown, and black in Black Pearl Granite.

Is it one of the more popular types of black granite and is used as kitchen countertops, bathrooms, fireplaces, flooring, and it looks great around stainless steel appliances. It is also called Silver Pearl Dark and Opalescence.


India Black Granite

Also referred to as Indian Black this granite is quarried in India and is a fine grained granite. The color can range from dark gray to black and has little speckles of pale colors scattered throughout. It gives a more solid color than a natural design or pattern but faint patterns can be seen.

It is used both indoors and outdoors as countertops, flooring, wall cladding, and monuments or memorials.  It is similar to the Belfast Granite and is also called India Black or Nero India.

Black granite can give you a bold yet elegant look in your home. It will look great against stainless steel appliances and comes in many shades, patterns, and styles allowing you to find the perfect granite slab or tile for your house.