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How to Clean Mexican Tile Floors
Posted on: May.10.2011

Mexican tiles are handmade tiles that are baked at very low temperatures giving them an irregular shape. Most tiles will be flat and evenly shaped but Mexican tiles will always be a little different. The color of Mexican tiles will change but they are often found in orange, red, or brown shades. Mexican tiles are a very porous tile which makes it extremely important that you seal them to avoid absorbing any liquid. If you do not seal your tile, whether it’s Saltillo, Terracotta, or Talavera, it can have damaging consequences. By sealing your Mexican tiles you can avoid damage and bleeding of the tiles because spills and water can get deep into the tiles where cleaners cannot reach it.

The porousness of the tile can work into your advantage as well, if you do not like the color of the tile it can be easily changed. Since they are extremely porous you can use a tile stain or paint to alter the color of your tile. This should be done before you seal the tile. Once your Mexican tiles are sealed it will be extremely hard to change the color but they will be really easy to clean. To learn how to clean you Mexican tiles follow our guide below.

Remove All Dirt and Dust From Your Mexican Tile

The first step to cleaning your Mexican tile is to clean up all the dirt and dust from the floor surface. If you want to clean the entire floor you can remove all rugs and furniture. The best tool to use would be a broom or a vacuum. You do not want to use the vacuum itself because it can scratch the tile but you can use the smaller and soft bristled vacuum attachment, if available. Sometimes sweeping can be better because it can get the dirt that may be stuck in the grout. If your tile and grout are sealed, cleaning will be easy because dirt and dust will have a hard time getting stuck in the grout and tile surface.

Mop Mexican Tiles To Clean Entire Floor

Fill a bucket up with warm water. You can try using water by itself to clean your floors. If water is not enough to clean the tile, you can try adding in white vinegar or a Mexican tile cleaning agent to the water. If your tile is not sealed, be careful not to use too much water. A lightly damped mop will work just fine. If you use too much water on non-sealed Mexican tile it can cause them to bleed.

You want to thoroughly mop the floor. Every couple of wipes you should clean the mop in your bucket of water and cleaning solution. Remember to thoroughly squeeze the water out of the mop after every dip in the bucket. If you find any tough stains you can use a brush and a stronger stain agent to clean the stain, but a brush should not be used unless necessary. Brushing your tile can damage and scratch the surface of the tile. Allow your tile to dry before moving onto the next step.

You can clean your grout too, if it is dirty. Remember to seal you grout after cleaning if it needs to be sealed.

Seal and Polish Your Mexican Tiles

After you have properly cleaned the entire floor you may need to seal or re-seal your tile. You do not need to seal your tile after every cleaning but you should inspect it after every cleaning. Look at the cleaner you used because some of them will actually seal your tile as you clean. After you seal your tile you can polish them to give them a glazed shine. Some sealants come with gloss, and can seal and polish at the same time. Other sealants come with no gloss leaving you a more natural look. Adding sealants and polish will add life to your beautiful Mexican tile floor.

After cleaning, sealing, and polishing your tiles you should let them dry before putting the rugs and furniture back. If you sealed and polished the tiles, follow the directions on drying time from the package. If you just cleaned them you can visually see and feel when they are dry. No matter if you have terracotta, Saltillo, Talavera, or even ceramic Mexican tiles you always want to keep them clean. Following the proper tile care will ensure you have a beautiful Mexican tile floor for years!