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Unglazed Quarry Tiles: Pizza and Cooking stone or Flooring?
Posted on: Mar.14.2012

When you hear the term unglazed quarry tiles you may think of a few things including, cooking and pizza stones and flooring. What is the proper use of an unglazed quarry tile? Are they great as a homemade pizza stone or are they better used for flooring? The truth is they are both. An unglazed quarry tile is made from clay fired up at extremely high temperatures creating a very dense and durable tile. This makes them a very durable tile that can withstand heavy amounts of foot traffic and weathering. They typically come in a red color and are colored throughout the tile, making it hard to see any dents and dings. Since quarry tiles are baked at very high temperatures in production they make for a great cooking stone. They can withstand the high temperature and are a cheap option for some who needs a baking stone on a budget.

Unglazed Quarry Tile as Pizza and Baking Stones

During the manufacturing of unglazed quarry tiles they are fired up at very high temperatures to create the dense and durable tile. The pores in the tile also absorb moisture which makes them a perfect tile to use as a baking stone. With a baking stone you can make foods such as pizza and bread. An unglazed quarry tile is the perfect pizza stone for someone on a budget because a baking stone in the stores can cost you up to $100.

The thickness of the tile will affect the outcome of the pizza or item being baked. They will come in thickness sizes ranging from 3-8”-1”. The thinner the tile the faster it will heat up. As long as you stay within 3-8” to 1” you should be within the ideal size, but we recommend staying within ½” to 1”. They will range from 6”x6”, 3”x6”, 4”x8”, 8”x8” and all the way up to 11”x11”. You can choose the correct size for your baking stone based on the size of your pizza or food product.

Although it is extremely rare, you should double check that your tile is made from all natural clay and/or shale. Tiles should not be made with lead anymore but it is something you should double check with the manufacturer. You can find companies such as Fireclay that produce lead-free tiles. As long as you are using an unglazed quarry tile you should be ok using it as a baking stone. The glazed tiles are more likely to contain some lead product.

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Where to Buy Unglazed Quarry Tile for Baking and Pizza Stone

The best place to look is at your local hardware store, such as, Home Depot, Lowes, or Ace. They will carry a large variety of tiles and if they do not carry an unglazed quarry tile they can order one for you. If you do not find them at your local hardware store you can look at the closest tile store in your area. They are sure to have plenty of tiles in stock and they can order one for you as well. The price will vary but you can expect to pay from $1-$3 per a square foot, which is a very reasonable price for a new baking stone.

Unglazed Quarry Tile as Flooring and It’s Benefits

Even though unglazed quarry tiles are can help you make an amazing homemade pizza they do have other uses, such as flooring. They are a very durable tile that can be used inside and outside. The benefits of using unglazed quarry tiles are their slip-resistant surface and strength. These characteristics make it the perfect tile for walkways, hallways, outdoor patios, outdoor tiling, and other high-traffic areas. Although they can be used outdoors, if you live in freezing temperature make sure your grade of tile can withstand the cold climate.

It is possible to use quarry tiles on walls and countertops, but the wide grout joints make it difficult to clean. This is a very uncommon use but is possible.

The colors of unglazed quarry tiles are primarily natural earth tones such as brown, red, orange, and gray. They do come in squares but can be found in hexagon as well. The sizes range from 6”x6”, 3”x6”, 4”x8”, 8”x8” and all the way up to 11”x11”. They are very cheap tiles and range in price, as mentioned above, $1-$3 a square foot. You have the option to order them with special surfaces, cuts, or textures, but the price will increase.

 If you are looking an excellent, yet cheap baking stone an unglazed quarry tile is the perfect option. You can bake and create great tasting homemade pizzas and breads. But, the uses for quarry tiles don’t stop there; they also make excellent flooring in areas that will get high volumes of foot traffic. Overall, quarry tiles are an affordable tile that can with stand high heat, and large amounts of foot traffic.