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Black Quarry Tiles: Prices, Uses, and Advantages
Posted on: Mar.01.2012

Quarry tile is used in many homes and commercial applications around the world. Due to their durability, solid color throughout, and inexpensive cost they are an ideal tile used indoors and outdoors. Commonly found in shades of red and brown, quarry tile is also found in shades of black. Red quarry tile is the most common color and the color most people associate with quarry tile. But, black quarry tile offers a cool, sleek appearance on patios, floors, and walkways in homes and commercial buildings. You will find most black quarry tile ranging in shades of gray to darker shades of black.

Cost of Black Quarry Tile

With any tile you purchase there will always be different pricing depending on the size, quality, amount purchased, and place of purchase. Each tile company will offer a range of quarry tile in different sizes (ranging from 2x2, 4x4, 6x6, all the way up to 18 inches), colors and qualities. The most popular brands are American Olean, Daltile, Mohawk and Summitville. The price will also range on the coloring; an all-black quarry tile is harder to find than gray quarry tile and could end up costing you more money. But, in general you can except to pay $2-$6 a square foot for black and gray quarry tile. The price can defiantly go up if you want a high quality quarry tile, but in general $2-$6/sq. ft. is a fair price.

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Uses of Black Quarry Tile

With black quarry tile you are able to get a sleek, modern, simple, and classy style you can’t get with red quarry tiles. The black and gray coloring offers a refined sense of style, yet classy at the same time.  For this reason it is used in residential homes and commercial applications where style and appearance is important.

Flooring - You will commonly find red quarry tiles used in restaurants and other areas where a cheap, but durable floor is needed. Since, black quarry tiles offer a different appearance they are utilized in more public areas. They are just as durable as red tiles, which makes them a perfect flooring material. They are great for flooring indoors and outdoors, but always check that the tile you purchased is suitable for outdoors before installing it in your home or building.

Patios and Outdoor Living Areas – Since this tile is durable it can be installed outdoors as patio flooring, walkways, and borders along patio or walkways. When you buy tile to use outdoors you should purchase a grade of quarry tile designed to withstand outdoor weathering and foot traffic.

Pros and Cons Of Black Quarry Tile

Every building material has certain disadvantages and advantages that go along with it. Before you purchase any tile you should weigh the benefits and down sides. Below we outline the good and bad things about black quarry tile to help you make a better decision on whether or not it is a good choice for you.

Pros and Advantages of Black Quarry Tile

- Affordable option for flooring indoors and outdoors
- Durable and can withstand weathering and foot traffic
- Large range of shades of black and gray
- It has slip resistant characteristics
- It has a solid color throughout the tile, hiding chips and dings

Cons and Disadvantages of Black Quarry Tile

- It is porous and may need a sealant to protect it from staining
- Cleaning quarry tile can be tough at times

Overall, black quarry tile is a good option for flooring in and out of your home or commercial building. It holds up to high levels of foot traffic and improves the appearance of any patio, floor, or commercial building. If you need a durable and affordable solution to your floor, black quarry tile may be the best option.