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Mexican Tile Roof: Prices, Types, Benefits
Posted on: Feb.10.2012

Mexican tile roofs are among the most popular types of roofs on homes and commercial buildings today. Mexican roofing tile is made from the finest clay which is baked or kiln-fired and formed into roofing tile. You will often hear these tiles referred to as terra cotta, clay roof tiles, ceramic roof tiles, Saltillo, quarry tile, or Spanish tile, but they are all referring to the same type of roofing tile.  There are several types of Mexican roofing tile but they all have one thing in common, they are durable, beautiful and allow you to achieve many styles and designs.

Prices and Cost Of Mexican Roof Tile

No matter what type of tile you are purchasing there will always be different types of quality, styles, shapes, and grades that will reflect the price of your tile. You also have other cost involved which includes things like tax, shipping, and installation cost. But, if you plan on purchasing a basic Mexican roof tile you can except to pay around $3-$7 a square foot.  You will be able to find tile that are above and below that range but, in general, you can except to pay around that price.

Types Of Mexican Roof Tiles

Mexican roof tile is known for its curved shape and distinct colors. Most tiles come in shades of brown, red, black, and orange. They usually have a curved or U-shaped appearance that is stacked and layered onto the roof. Commonly these tiles are ½ inch in thickness and the length can vary between 6 inches to 20 inches. Below are some of the most popular types of Mexican roof tile.

S-Shaped Tile

An S-shaped tile is formed in the shape of an S to easily stack and interlock the tiles. This system gives them better durability and a solid installation. The s-shaped roof tile offers the curved or U-shaped appearance on your roof and makes your installation easier with the interlocking system.

Mission Tile Or U-Shaped Tile

There are a lot of names describing this type of roof tile, all referring to the same tile shape. This type is a basic U-shape tile. They may range in different lengths, degrees of U shapes, and color. These tiles are generally staggered and stacked on top of each other with another one laid upside down to catch the edges of the roof tiles facing upright.  This is the tile used to achieve a traditional mission style roof, which many homeowners and designers strive for.

Reclaimed and Antique Roof Tile

Using aged tile is another popular type of tile utilized in homes and commercial buildings. The weathered and aged look offers an antique, old Spanish, and Mexican culture style to any building. This old style brings a lot of culture and heritage to many homes.

Benefits Of Mexican Tile Roof Tiles

When you install a roof on your home there are many options and each options has certain benefits and factors that could alter your decision. With Mexican tile you have a few main reasons why it should be installed on your roof and we list them below.


This clay tile is a very durable roof tile and can withstand weather for years. When compared to other roofing options, Mexican tile is among the most durable available today.

Long Lasting

It is not uncommon for a Mexican tile roof to last 80 to 100 years or longer. You can save money by purchasing a lower quality roof but you may have to replace it several times, which will end up costing your more than the initial cost of a Mexican tile roof.


These tiles offer a unique style that adds character to any home. It is a great tile to style the outside of your home with.

Keep House Cool

In hot summer days you could save money on your electric bill because the clay tile will help keep your home cool. It keeps in the cold air and keeps the heat out, reducing your need for air conditioning.