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5 Benefits For A Slate Tile Fireplace
Posted on: Jan.30.2012

Slate tile is becoming an increasingly popular material to use around a fireplace. Being a natural stone tile it is very durable, long-lasting, withstands the high heat from fire, and brings an earthly beauty inside your home. It is a great material to use around indoor and outdoor fireplaces and can be incorporated with mantels, among other materials, to provide a complete and finished style in your home. There are many reasons why adding slate tile around your fireplace is a good idea and we cover the best advantages below.

Improved Aesthetic Value With Slate Tiles

Fireplaces, gas or wood burning, have been decorated with wood mantles and brick over the years and there has been little change in appearance. Although this style is effective and widely used, slate offers a more modern style allowing you to create some unique and impressive fireplace designs. This natural stone tile can be used in a number of ways and can be combined with a wood mantel or other materials to achieve a full and complete look.  There is not a right or wrong way to use slate around your fireplace and you can use new and creative ideas to design your slate tile fireplace. By using slate tile you break away from the norm and can create aesthetically pleasing earthly, modern, rustic, contemporary designs that add value to your home.

Many Colors, Textures, and Finishes Available

Being a natural stone tile, slate has a wide range of colors, textures and finishes available. This wide range of choices allows you to be as creative as you want in your fireplace design. You can style your fireplace with many interior design styles that work well with your favorite home décor products.  You can find slate tiles in different shades of brown, gray, black, copper, gold, red, and green. The textures and finishes range from honed, polished, sandblasted, antiqued, split face, tumbled, brushed, and clefted. Each option offers a different appearance and can be used as a fireplace hearth or surround.

Slate Tile Offers Multiple Interior Styles

There are many interior decorating styles you can use in your home and slate tile can help you bring this style around your fireplace. Your fireplace design and interior decorating style can work together to create one common appearance. Due to the range of colors, textures and finishes you can use slate tiles to design rustic, contemporary, modern, earthly, Mediterranean, traditional and more.  The calm, earthly tones can offer powerful design features.

Durable and Long Lasting

Most of natural stone tiles are very durable and slate is no exception. It is known for its durability and long lasting characteristics. When you install tile in your home you want to choose a tile that will hold its color over time and that is resistant to eroding and cracking. With slate tile that is exactly what you get; it limits the amount of fading, eroding and cracking that you may experience with other tiles.

Heat Resistant

When you are installing and designing your fireplace hearth, mantle or surround you need to choose materials that will be able to withstand the heat radiating from the fireplace. With natural stone tile, like slate, you are able to install it directly around the fireplace because of its heat resistant characteristics.

As you being designing and creating your fireplace hearth, mantle, or surround you should consider using slate to gain all these benefits that other materials may not offer. Updating your fireplace is a home improvement project that can spice up your living room or any room in your home containing a fireplace.