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Types Of Stone Mosaic Tile
Posted on: Jan.27.2012

Stone tile is one of the most beautiful types of tile available on the market and has a wide span of areas it can be installed. The options can range from granite, marble, slate, travertine, Onyx, sandstone and all are installed in kitchens, bathrooms, floors, walls, backsplashes, and more. There are many unique ways to style and design your home using stone tile and each design is carefully crafted to offer the most aesthetic value. One of the most artistic methods of installing this earthly tile is as a mosaic.

 Stone mosaics are commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens on the walls as backsplashes, bathroom walls, shower walls, tub walls, and occasionally flooring. The different types of stone tile can be combined together or with other tile, like glass or ceramic, to create some specular designs that radiant true artistry in your home.  If you are considering installing a natural stone mosaic in your home you can find them already laid out in tiles, called stone mosaic tiles. There are a few types of stone mosaic tiles, each with their own sense of style, but they all have one common characteristic which is the fact that they make designing your home a lot easier.  We discuss some of the most popular types of stone mosaic tile that can be installed in your home.

Pebble and Stacked Stone

Pebble and stacked stone tile offers one of the most natural and earthly styles you can install in your home. They are most commonly composed of quartz, slate, sandstone, pebble, beach stone, and faux tile; ranging in colors from gray, brown, red, orange, black and green. They are then laid either vertically or horizontally onto a backing to form panels or tiles. The rocks are kept in their natural form and put together to form a mosaics tile that can be used in bathrooms.


Interlocking stone mosaic tile is constructed of small rectangle tiles laid horizontally in rows, with every other row being lining up creating one larger tile.  This will create a puzzle-like edge on the tile where each interlocking tile will line up and lock in together. These tiles are usually made with Onyx, slate, glass, travertine and granite.

Square Designs

Square mosaic stone tile is designed in either patterns or simple geometric layouts where the grout joints run both perpendicular and parallel. They are created with a bunch of small tiles to create simple, yet powerful mosaics designs to be used in your home. The square designs are made with all types of stone tile and can use a variety of tile patterns to create one stone mosaic tile.

Tumbled and Natural Cut Stones

Although this style of mosaic tile is similar to the other mentioned, it is unique because it is constructed with stone tile that has a natural and weathered appearance. The stone tile is usually tumbled to give a weather and natural appearance that brings in a calm, but rich style into your home.  There are often left ungrouted and stacked together in a wide range of patterns to form tiles. It is also popular to find tiles that are broken into peices and put together like a puzzle to create a truly natural looking mosaic tile. 



The pattern category is a wide one that is open to other categories we listed above. Each of the categories above incorporate some kind of pattern, and no matter what design you choose you can always find a wide range of patterns with stone mosaic tile. Whether you use oddly shaped onyx, or different shaped slate tiles you can organize them with tile patterns to create stunning stone mosaic tile.

A tile mosaic design is a great way to be creative and put tiles together to create unique and intricate designs for you home, bathroom, and kitchen.  With natural stone you get the earthly tone, amazing beauty, and simple, but impressive style.  Look around today to see how you can incorporate these different types of stone mosaic tiles in your home