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Stone Wall Tile: Types and Prices
Posted on: Jan.11.2012

Adding stone wall tile to your home is a great way to add sophistication and elegance.  The most popular uses for wall tile in most home improvement projects are in the kitchen and bathroom. These two areas add the most value to your home and are the two areas where elegance is best appreciated.  Stone wall tile is also found in other areas of the home and is a great way to add an aesthetically pleasing interior style with low maintenance characteristics.  With any type of tile you have several options and wall tile is no exception. Before you purchase your tile, look throughout options and determine what is the best stone tile for your walls.

Granite Wall Tiles

Price: Granite is one of the more expensive stone tiles and the price depends on the size, color, quality, and shape of the tile. You can typically find them priced around $5 - $15/sq. ft. View Prices of stone tile.

Information: Granite is commonly used as a countertop material in the kitchen and bathroom but can also be utilized for flooring and wall coverings.  It is a hard and dense material that comes with either polished, honed, hammered, and tumbled finishes. Granite is a heavy material and when installed on walls, it needs to be installed very securely, we recommend having them professionally installed. You will need a waterproof gypsum board securely installed to your wall studs to give the granite tile enough support.

Granite is available in many colors and comes in a wide range of sizes. You can find them in sizes ranging from 2 in x 2 in all the way up to 8 in x 8 in and sometimes larger.  The variety of sizes, shapes and colors allow you to be able to create designs, patterns, and borders.

Marble Wall Tiles

Price: Marble tile, like granite tile, is very expensive. The size, color, quality, and shape all affect the price of the tile. You can typically find marble tiles priced around $5 - $15/sq. ft. View Prices of stone tile.

Information: Marble is one of the most elegant and stunning natural stone products available. It is a very tough and durable product, but very porous. If used in high moisture areas you should have the tile sealed to prevent water damage. It is available in many colors, with white, black and beige being the most popular. Marble looks stunning when polished, presenting a smooth glimmer on the wall. Just like granite, it is a very heavy tile and should be professional installed onto your wall to ensure it is properly secured.

Marble tile is available in several sizes and shapes beginning in sizes like 2 in x 2 in and ranging up to sizes like 12 in. x 12 in. and higher.

Faux Wall Tiles

Price: The price of faux tile will depend on the type of faux stone you use. It also depends on the quality, size, and other options.  To see prices of faux stone tile look at our links below:

View Prices of Stone Tile

Amazon's Best Prices On Stacked Stone Tile

Information: Faux tile is a great way to save money and still get the natural appearance of stone tile. There are many types of faux stone tile including granite, marble, limestone, travertine, slate and sandstone. If you want to improve the look of your kitchen, bathroom, and home and stay within budget, faux tile is a great option for you explore.

Limestone Wall Tiles

Price: Just like all the other tiles, the price will depend on the finish, size, quality, and other characteristics. It is normal for this tile to be priced around $10 sq. ft. but they can be found priced lower and higher depending on quality, sales, and other factors. View Prices of stone tile.

Information: Limestone tile presents a simple, yet classy and warm appearance to any room. Unlike granite and marble, it has few and faint veins and comes in simple colors and textures. You can use this tile with several interior designs with the most popular being classic, rustic, cottage, and traditional. The most popular colors range from beige, off-white, and shades of brown.  It is available is several sizes but normally starts around 4 in. x 4in., 3 in. x 6 in. (rectangle) or 6 in. x 6 in. and can go up to larger sizes and in different shapes. You can use the sizes and shapes to create tile patterns, and borders. The finishes can range from honed, tumbled, sandblasted, buff smooth, rustic buff, and more.

Travertine Wall Tiles

Price: It is possible to find deals going as low as $2 a sq. ft. but travertine will more likely be priced in the range of $4 - $8 a square foot. View Prices of stone tile.

Information: Travertine tile is available in many colors, cuts, and finishes to allow you to achieve many decorating styles. The cuts and finishes range between cross cut, honed, polished, vein cut, brushed, and split face. Depending on the finish, travertine can offer you different styles like a rustic, weathered, old appearance or give a warm, smooth, light, elegant style in your bathroom or kitchen.  With the options available with travertine you can improve the look of your home while adding value.

Slate Wall Tiles

Price: Depending on the type of slate tile you purchase the price can change. There are different types of slate tile, but you can except to pay in the range of $4-$8 a sq. ft. for slate tile. View Prices of stone tile.

Information: Slate is one of the most affordable natural stone tiles and has a rougher texture than other options. It is great for rustic and natural interior designs, and comes in grey, golden, green, brown, and orange shades. Slate is used to give a very natural appearance and earthly look. It is great for bathrooms, around showers, tubs, and even backsplashes in kitchens.

Sandstone Wall Tiles

Price: Sandstone will price around the same as limestone. All prices will vary but they seem to be around $10 sq. ft. View Prices of stone tile.

Information: Sandstone is a very versatile tile with a grainy texture. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors and offers a soft, yet refined look in any home. Common colors are shades of brown, red, gold, white, beige, and swirls of grey.  It is a durable tile that works well with many interior styles.  

Pebble Stone Tile

Price: The price for pebble stone ranges depending on the types of tile pebble or stone you use. It can be installed yourself. Look at our link to see some great pebble stone tile. Save on Pebble Tile Free Shipping, Great Prices at $8+ Our Pebble Tile is Do-it-Yourself!
See Current Prices

Information: Pebble stone tile is very similar to beach stone tile. It consists of pebbles and small rocks on mesh backgrounds forming tiles. They are be used on the wall in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas of the home. The rocks used can consist of faux pebbles or real rocks from rivers and beachs.