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Exterior Patio Tile: Prices and Benefits
Posted on: Dec.30.2011

There are several types of patio tile for exterior use, each with their own characteristics, looks, and benefits. The options include: porcelain, slate, wood or deck, granite, ceramic, and terra cotta tiles. All these options can be used to create unique and vibrant patio and deck designs in your yard. Outdoor patio tile can be easy to install, depending on the tile you use, making your outdoor living space easy to create and design.  Before you begin designing and creating your floor, patio, deck, and outdoor living area you should read our quick guide below on the benefits and prices of each exterior patio tile option.

Exterior Porcelain Tile


- Dense tile that will not stain easily due to low-absorption rate
- They have non-slip characteristics
- Porcelain tiles are water resistant
- Hard, strong, non-porous tile, and long lasting tile
- Frost resistant and often frost-proof in harsh and cold climates
- There is a wide range of colors and textures available and can resemble other tiles like granite, natural stone, slate, marble, wood, terracotta, and limestone

Prices:  The price of porcelain tile will vary based on the quality, type, and size of the tile. Typically, you will find it price from $1-$5 a square foot. Find current prices on exterior porcelain tile. Before purchasing any porcelain tile you should ask the manufacturer or seller if it is suitable for outdoor use.

Exterior Slate Tile


- Easy installation with an interlocking system option
- Standard slate tile is also available if you don’t opt for an interlocking system
- Very durable and long lasting
- Very slip resistant due to its texture
- Great tile to use in high moisture areas or pool due to its slip resistant surface
- Beautiful natural stone tile

Prices: You have a few options with exterior slate patio tile. You can purchase slate panels, interlocking slate tiles or standard slate tiles. Each will have a different price and depending on quality of the tile the price will range.  In general, slate panels will range from $5 - $12, interlocking tile around $1-$5, and standard tiles around $2 - $10 a square foot. Find current prices of exterior slate tile. Always check with the seller that the tile is suitable for outdoor use.

Exterior Wood or Deck Tiles


- Extremely easy to install
- Amazingly beautiful and easy to create stunning designs
- Easy to install with an interlocking system
- Can be installed on decks and patios
- Great ventilation which prevents mold, wood rot and bacteria
- Made from bamboo, eucalyptus, composite, and are eco-friendly

Prices: The price for wood or deck tiles can change depending on the type, design and material. In general you can except to pay $3-$8 a square foot.  View the current price for exterior wood tiles.

Exterior Granite Tiles


- Easy to install interlocking system
- Beautiful natural stone
- Extremely durable
- Easy to design with

Prices: Most people opt for the interlocking tiles when installing slate tile outdoors. They are easy to install and look great. The price for interlocking granite tiles can range from $9 - $12 a square foot.  See current price of exterior granite tiles.

Exterior Ceramic  Tiles


- Durable options, Rated on a PEI scale from 1 to 5. PEI 3 and higher is recommended for outdoor use
- Wide range of options, colors, and sizes
- Ceramic tile can look like many other materials including: wood, natural stone and come in mosaics

Prices: The price depends on the type, quality, and size of your ceramic tile. The price can range from $1 to $10 a square foot or more. Always make sure your tile is rated for outdoor use. Ask the seller if you are unsure. View prices of exterior ceramic tile.

Exterior Terra Cotta Tiles


- Can be used with many styles. You can create Mexican designs, contemporary, rustic, and more
- Very affordable
- Available in several colors
- Easy to install and replace

Prices: Terra Cotta is available in pavers, bricks, and tiles. They are very common in outdoor living areas due to their affordability and aesthetic value. Bricks are very cheap and can be under $1 a square foot.  There is a wide range of terra cotta pavers. The basic paver can begin at around $1 but a top quality terra cotta paver can range all the way up to $10 or more per paver. Terra cotta tiles can range from $3 to $8 a sq. ft. Before purchasing always ask if the tile is suitable for exterior and outdoor use. View current price of exterior terra cotta tile.