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Types of Brown Granite Colors
Posted on: Nov.23.2011

Granite is a natural stone product that is widely used in kitchens, living areas and bathrooms on countertops, vanity sinks, around fireplaces, flooring, walls and backsplashes. It is available in slabs and tiles and comes in many different colors.  Brown granite is a very popular granite color and it is available in many different shades of brown.  Depending on the region, you can get brown granite with different color swirls, veins, color variations, shades, and crystals throughout. It is quarried all over the world including India, Finland, Africa, and China. Some of the types of brown granites are more popular than others; below we present to you the most popular types of brown granite.

Baltic Brown Granite

Baltic Brown granite is perhaps the most popular brown granite available today. It is quarried in Finland and processed in Italy. It can be used for interior and exterior applications like countertops, around sinks, fireplaces and even on walls. It consists of various shades of medium to dark brown spots with dark brown to black backgrounds, creating a flowering appearance. It is also known as Bruno Baltico, Baltik Brown, Baltic Rain, Brown Baltic, and Baltic Braun.

Bainbrook Brown Granite

This granite consists of medium grain white, black, and brown colors sprinkled throughout. It offers a smaller flowering appearance and can be used indoors. It is perfect for countertops, around fireplaces and other interior applications. This is quarried in China and is also known as Canelle.

Tan Brown Granite

Tan Brown Granite is quarried in India and consists of black, beige, red, brown and sometimes blue speckles creating a crisp dark brown coloring. Tan Brown Granite can be used indoors and outdoors as countertops, fireplaces, and flooring. It is also known as chestnut Brown, Tan Brown Blue, and Copper Antique.

Tropic Brown Granite

Tropic Brown Granite is quarried in Saudi Arabia and is perfect for interior and exterior applications. This granite has a rich, deep brown coloring with variations of speckled browns, black, and beige.  You can use this on countertops, flooring, fireplaces, and outdoor applications. It is also known as Tropical Brown, Najran Brown, Tropic Taz, Desert Brown, Saudi Brown, Ghadeer, Coral Mist, Havana Brown, and Askar Brown.

Coffee Brown Granite

Coffee Brown Granite is a unique type of granite because of its coloring, which includes colors of maroon, shades of brown, red, and hints of blue and black. It has speckles and veins creating beautiful color variations. This is quarried in India and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Ivory Brown Granite

Ivory Brown Granite is quarried in India and is composed of gold, beige, and white veins, with black and red speckles.  With quartz clusters, and a peach coloring this granite offers a light brown coloring perfect for your countertop in the kitchen or bathroom.  It is also known as Ivory Gold, Shivakashi, and Ivory and Gold.

Granite is available in many colors and there are hundreds of options within those colors. We listed a few of the most popular types of brown granite but you can find many more options throughout the world. You can find other types like: Ice Brown, Brown Pearl, Imperial Brown, Autumn Brown, Rainforest Brown, Chocolate Brown, Santa Fe Brown, African Beige, Amazon Flower, Ambrosia Gold, Bordeaux Delicato, Madura Gold, Orite, and many more.  For more information on brown granite colors you can visit marble.com.