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Where to buy Mexican Tile in Phoenix
Posted on: Nov.14.2011

Mexican tile is a wildly popular tile throughout the country but there are some cities that have a greater love for Mexican tile than most. Phoenix is a city that really cares for their Mexican tile, whether it’s Talavera, Saltillo, hand-painted, or any other kind; they utilize it in their homes, work place and other tiled areas. There are many ways to buy Mexican tile and several stores located throughout the city that offer different styles of Mexican tile. When you begin to shop for tile in Phoenix you will notice that you have several options ranging from online tile stores LINK to retail stores throughout the city. Where is the best place to shop for Mexican tile in Phoenix?

Buying Mexican Tile Online in Phoenix

By shopping online you can get a wide variety of tile and view hundreds, if not thousands, of different Mexican tile. It allows you to easily and quickly browse through all types of Mexican tile. Most sites will even break them down by category, meaning if you are looking for only hand-painted tiles they will have a section for only hand-painted tiles. You can find Mexican tile for sale online very easily and no matter where you are in the United States, they will ship to you.  

With every benefit of shopping online there comes a downside as well. Although you can look through many tiles quickly and easily, you cannot see them in person and returning tiles can be a headache. Sometimes tile may not be exactly what you had in mind when they arrive at your doorstep, resulting in shipping them back.  With the great prices you get online, this downside may be worth the saved money.

As you begin to shop online you can check out some of these online Mexican tile stores:

Amazon's Mexican Tile
- www.mexicantiles.com
- www.tierrayfuego.com
- www.lindapaul.com

Retail Tile Stores in Phoenix

There are several places to buy Mexican tile in Phoenix and almost any tile store will carry some sort of Mexican tile. There are some that do specialize in Mexican tile more than others and they offer their expertise to help you choose the best tile for your home.  You can use our home page to locate tile stores in Phoenix, but we have found two of the best in the area and listed them below.

One World Mexican Tile

Address:  2222 E. Indian School Rd., Phoenix, AZ, 85016
Website: http://www.oneworldtile.com

Why One World Mexican Tile?

They have over 60 years of experience and specialize in hand-made, hand crafted, and hand-painted Mexican tile. They have extensive experience importing the finest tiles and offer a huge selection of High Fire Talavera, Casablanca cement tile, and other Saltillo, and Talavera tile. They take their customer service very serious and offer you complete customer satisfaction. They even offer online shopping and viewing of tile on their website.

Mexican Tile and Stone Company

Address:  2036 W Greenway Rd, Phoenix, Arizona 85023
Website: http://www.mexicantileandstone.com

Why Mexican Tile and Stone Company?

They not only sell Mexican tile but they are distributors, importers, and developers of all Mexican tile, custom stone, and unique tiles. They offer restoration and installation services along with selling their tile. They are truly a one stop shop for all your Mexican tile needs. Many of their employees carry over 20 years of experience in the industry, and they look forward to helping you with your Mexican tile needs.

No matter what kind of Mexican tile you are looking for you are sure to find a great selection online or in retail tile stores like One World Mexican Tile and Mexican Tile and Stone Company. Being in phoenix makes it easy to find retail locations passionate about Mexican tile and that carry a wide selection. If are in the Phoenix area we recommend checking out those two stores for you tile needs.