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How to Seal Quarry Tile
Posted on: Oct.20.2011

Quarry tile is a very porous tile that is used indoors and outdoors to spice up the style of your home. Being a porous material it needs to be sealed to protect it from absorbing liquids and staining. The proper method of sealing needs to be applied to achieve the maximum protection. There are many sealers you can purchase, look at our quarry tile sealer reviews to see which one will be best for you.  

When sealing your tile we would recommend adding 2 to 3 layers of sealant (unless recommended differently by the manufacturer) to give this porous stone maximum protection. Below we give a standard outline of how to properly seal your quarry tile. Although we offer a guide on how to seal quarry tile you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, if provided. If instructions were not provided by the manufacturer, then feel free to follow our outline below.

Test The Tile

Before you begin cleaning and sealing your tile you should make sure it needs to be sealed.  If you have just installed new tile you can skip this step because you already know it has not been sealed. If you have sealed it in the past you will need to test.  Place a small amount of water on a section of the one of the tiles. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then dry it up with a cloth. Wait for 2-4 minutes and then inspect the tile. If the tile still has a darkened area from where it absorbed the water, you should re-seal. If there is not a darkened area you do not need to re-seal the tile at this time.

Remove Old Sealant From Quarry Tiles

Before you clean your tile you should remove any existing sealants that may have been applied to your tile. The sealant is no longer effective and should be removed before proceeding. We recommend using Aqua Mix Sealer and Coating Remover. You can begin by sweeping, vacuuming, or moping the area to remove all dirt and debris. Using a mop or sponge apply the sealant remover and let it sit for an hour, or until the sealant or coating softens. Do not let the sealant remover dry; if it begins to dry add more to keep it moist. Once it softens scrub with a scrub brush or scrub machine, if available. Using clean rags wipe up the residue and rinse your tiled area with clean water.  Several applications may be needed to remove all old sealant and coatings.

Clean Your Tile and Grout

The next step to sealing your quarry tile and grout is to clean them before you start. Cleaning your tile and grout will get rid of all the dirt, grime, and dust that can get stuck in your tile before you begin. If you leave any dirt in your tile or grout before you start it will be trapped underneath the seal leaving your tile looking dirty after it is sealed.  You can view our guide on how to clean your quarry tile, for proper instructions.

Apply Sealant

Before you apply the sealant you should test it in an obscure area. If the sealant leaves white marks or other abnormal coloring it should not be used.

Using a clean, preferably new, paintbrush spread a layer of sealant over your quarry tile and grout. After you apply the first layer, allow it to soak for 5 minutes. Using a clean cloth wipe the excess sealant off the tile and allow another 30-40 minutes to dry. You can apply a second layer using the same method. Again, allow it to dry for 5 minutes and wipe away the excess with a clean rag. If you want to add a third layer you can do so by following the same instructions. After applying the last layer and wiping away the excess, allow the tiled area to dry for 3-4 hours before resuming normal use.